fredag den 16. december 2011

Four Fiths and One Cat

Two amazing cards from Claudia :) 

Four Fifths

and a card with a very long tittle which could easily say Behemot at His Best :)

torsdag den 15. december 2011

All about cats :)

Well, it could be all about cows in a RASing view from Adrienne if not ....

 .... if not ... for the stamps on the back of the card :)

Introducing ....

... a gifted painter, shining star of Postcrossing Visual Arts, provoking all possible senses and emotions (intellect, in some specific cases icluded), the first included in Encyclopedia Gforpollogica and a great friend and companion in having fun and making silly faces .... Ines, Oh Ines ! I will treasure this piece of art forever. So help me Behemot !

A bit hidden in inky mess canellation says 13.12.11 :)

mandag den 12. december 2011

from a Gallery of Protest and Demonstrations

Participants in the gay rights demonstrations during the Democratic National Convention, New York City, July 11th, 1976 from Rothko in Austin, TX :)

Лебединое озеро

More ballet in my mailbox today :) This time it´s a great shot of Anastasia Volochkova in the "Swan Lake" from Tatiana in Moscow :)

lørdag den 10. december 2011

fredag den 9. december 2011

onsdag den 7. december 2011

onsdag den 30. november 2011

Purrrfect :)

Beautifully purrrrrrfect card from beautiful Barbara :)

FB Swap

Great card from Wilma in the Netherlands ...

with a great stamp :)

9 million postcards :)

Some Postcrossers may recognize this shot as this was the nine millionth postcard registered at Postcrossing. Sent by sharkck from China :)

mandag den 28. november 2011

lørdag den 26. november 2011

Postcard wishlist

Missing UNESCO sites
Judaica -
Close ups of interesting details
Non-touristy black and white
Foggy lanscapes
Royal Residences in France 
Russian Far East
Monks -
Rice fields with people
People performing -
All music, theatre, opera, ballet related - not buildings
Calligraphy (any language)
Kalevala - and the statue of Väinämöinen by Robert Stigell at Vanha Ylioppilastalo/Helsinki
Beat Generation (Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso, William S. Burroughs)
People - Mikhail Bulgakov, Patrick White, James Baldwin, J. D. Salinger, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Nikki Giovanni, Angela Davis, Anna Akhmatova etc -
Frida Kahlo -
Book illustrators - Arthur Rackham, William M. Timlin, Ivan Bilibin, Joan Kiddel-Monroe and others
Magical/mythical creatures, beasts, and monsters from legends, folklore, fantasy, mythology and cryptozoology
Gay/lesbian/minority rights related

A special reguest to friends from Russia – anything new for this set
especially more of Vysotsky + Vasiliy Shukshin and Lidya Shukshina, all about Master and Margarita, Venedikt Vasilyevich Yerofeyev i.e. his monument and places mentioned in Moscow-Pyetushki, Zhanna Bichevskaya, Bulat Okudzhava, Москва слезам не верит, Броненосец «Потёмкин» etc

Master and Margarita themes

Патриарши пруды (Patriarshiy Prudy) - park situated between Malaya Bronnaya, Bolshoi Patriarshy pereulok, Patriarshy pereulok and Ermolajevsky pereulok.
Ivan Andreevich Krylov´s monument and Cafe Margarita in front of the park.
Non exisiting now-a-days Государственный Московский мюзик-холл at Bolshaya Sadovaya or  the Московский академический театр Сатиры/the Moscow Academic theatre of Satire. of today. Aquarium Garden with  the Государственный Академиский Театр имени Моссовета.
Lavrushinsky pereulok 17 – a prototipe of Dramlit
Bulgakov´s house at Bolshaya Sadovaya 10
The Herzen house at Tverskoy Boulevard 25
Arbat – The Vaghtangov Theatre,.the Myelnikov House. Okudzhava´s monument
Mansurovsky pereulok 9 and Plotnikov pereulok 10
Khimki City Hospital No. 1 at Pravoberezhnaya 6
Александровский сад and the Moscow Manege
Maly Vlasevsky pereulok 12
House on the Embankment at Serafimovikha ulitsa
The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour – (swimming pool if possible)
The Gastronom on Smolenskaya Square, at the corner of Arbat and the Garden Ring
The Spaso House - Spasopeskovskaya ploshad 10
Воробьёвы горы/Ленинские горы
Новодевичье кладбище with a tomb of Bulgakov´s

fredag den 25. november 2011


 Princess Anne

Prince Edward

Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Duchess Maria Teresa

Wedding of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

torsdag den 17. november 2011

mandag den 14. november 2011