søndag den 30. oktober 2011


That´s great when our friends understand and support our postcard mania, isn´t it ? Just a few of many cards brought from Iceland by Natalia today ...

fredag den 28. oktober 2011


Some of the cards received from Giuseppe from Sicily :)


Wow ! What a great shot ! Great but doesn´t make me look forward to having cold, and windy days of winter. From Anna in Sankt Petersburg

mandag den 24. oktober 2011

søndag den 23. oktober 2011

Farewell to my Concubine

Fantastic Leslie Cheung, great "Farewell to my Concubine" from Key in China :)

fredag den 21. oktober 2011


Dhamma Yan Gyin, the most massive temple in Bagan/Myanmar from Anna in Thailand :)

Mir Castle

Beautiful, panoramic shot from Yulia in Belarus

torsdag den 20. oktober 2011

onsdag den 19. oktober 2011

søndag den 16. oktober 2011


Needed some magic ... received some magic :) That´s how it works at Postcrossing with the first Birthday card received this year :) From minnasusanne :)

fredag den 14. oktober 2011

Artichoke Woman

All About Women RR # 568 from Sas in the Netherlands

A way to Barca Velha

Still a long way to Barca Velha ... treading the grapes from T.C. but not from Paris this time :)

tirsdag den 11. oktober 2011

Alice from Hong Kong

Fantastic illustration to Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland from Elaine in Hong Kong :)

torsdag den 6. oktober 2011


I have always admired mathematical talents of the sender´s :) I was supposed to receive this card only and it happened to one of the three received today :) Jibreen Fort in Bahla.

Wann wird man je verstehn ? Wann wird man je verstehn ?

How come he knew I always wanted to have this card ? I even didn´t know this shot was ever printed on postcards. Wow !


An envelope with surprises from my favourite (Santa-) Claus :)

Finnish cat ...

... from Swiss Dominik

onsdag den 5. oktober 2011


Two cards from Capital Cities RR added by Brian from Ireland