onsdag den 29. februar 2012

From irlandzka Marysia ...

... jigging in Rotterdam :)

Москва слезам не верит

A modern episode of "Moscow does not believe in tears" sent by Aet from Estonia :)

Samarkand ...

... sent by Sergey in Moscow :)

Where the rivers meet

Rio Nergro, the largest left tributary of the Amazon flows into the Rio Solimões to form the Amazon River South of Manaus. Sent by Junior Bastos in the Amazon :)

About boa costrictors and elephants

A beautiful card from the Köln meeting sent by Isa and her Postcrossing band. Wish I could have been there with you :)

lørdag den 25. februar 2012

Ахматова, Анна Андреевна

Anna Akhmatova (portrait by Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin), a very special delivery from Lucy in Russia :)

UNESCO of Oman ...

... from Muhammed :)

UNESCO of Asturias ...

... from Rosa in Spain :)

Some like it ... long

The card was too big for my scanner so here is a big part of it only. Those "friendly Ningaloo locals" were sent by Heather in Australia. Apart from tiny signs of travelling this mega delivery arrived in perfect shape in just 3 days :)

torsdag den 23. februar 2012

Dalai Lama ....

... from Claudia in Germany :)

We need a little more compassion, and if we cannot have it, than no politician or even a magician can save the planet"

Panoramic wisdom ...

... from Her Mapleness Sas (with a big hug for understanding)

Panoramic winter ...

... from Nina in Finland :)