torsdag den 29. september 2011

All About Women

A card from RR hosted by the Bear-Nordbaer. Group # 568 and a card from Jetske :)

People from Water Regions

From girsol from China. People from the Southern Zhejiang Province ... what a shot !

onsdag den 28. september 2011

mandag den 26. september 2011

onsdag den 21. september 2011

RAS from Sas :)

Hope I am not supposed to wear this when meeting you at the station on Friday :) Far too cold !

A thank you hug in person soon :)

Lahti mini meet up :)

Received from Kristalli :) and Dominik :)

Thank you guys :)


Moshannon State Forest received from Alecia from New Jersey

tirsdag den 20. september 2011

Pablo Neruda

LIBRO hermoso, libro, mínimo bosque, hoja tras hoja, huele
tu papel a elemento, eres
matutino y nocturno ..... 
(Poema Oda Al Libro)
Book, /beautiful, /book, /smallest forest, /leaf /after leaf, /your paper /smells /of the elements, /you are /of the dawn and evening, / ....

søndag den 18. september 2011


3 cards received through two different Round Robins lately
This one was added by Gisela

And those two by Christina

Binarowa from Wanda

RAS from Marja

RAS from Barbara

The Philippines

Banaue Rice Terraces from Mich


Sent by Mikis from Poland from his trip to Moldova.

Trip to Bornholm

It takes 3 hours by train and a ferry and it looks like that on postcards. Starting in Copenhagen,

over the bridge to Sweden and down to Ystad and then a ferry

to Bornholm