fredag den 16. december 2011

Four Fiths and One Cat

Two amazing cards from Claudia :) 

Four Fifths

and a card with a very long tittle which could easily say Behemot at His Best :)

torsdag den 15. december 2011

All about cats :)

Well, it could be all about cows in a RASing view from Adrienne if not ....

 .... if not ... for the stamps on the back of the card :)

Introducing ....

... a gifted painter, shining star of Postcrossing Visual Arts, provoking all possible senses and emotions (intellect, in some specific cases icluded), the first included in Encyclopedia Gforpollogica and a great friend and companion in having fun and making silly faces .... Ines, Oh Ines ! I will treasure this piece of art forever. So help me Behemot !

A bit hidden in inky mess canellation says 13.12.11 :)

mandag den 12. december 2011

from a Gallery of Protest and Demonstrations

Participants in the gay rights demonstrations during the Democratic National Convention, New York City, July 11th, 1976 from Rothko in Austin, TX :)

Лебединое озеро

More ballet in my mailbox today :) This time it´s a great shot of Anastasia Volochkova in the "Swan Lake" from Tatiana in Moscow :)

lørdag den 10. december 2011

fredag den 9. december 2011

onsdag den 7. december 2011