mandag den 16. april 2012

Schloss Sanssouci

... from Michèle in Germany :)

Antiquariat der literatur - Zurich

... from Moniek in the Netherlands :)

Ах, Арбат, мой Арбат ...

RAS from Julia in Moscow :) Arbat - a monument to Okudzhava

Ты течешь, как река. Странное название!
И прозрачен асфальт, как в реке вода
Ах, Арбат, мой Арбат, ты -- мое призвание,
ты -- и радость моя, и моя беда. 
Пешеходы твои -- люди невеликие,
каблуками стучат -- по делам спешат.
Ах, Арбат, мой Арбат, ты -- моя религия,
мостовые твои подо мной лежат. 
От любови твоей вовсе не излечишься,
сорок тысяч других мостовых любя,
ах, Арбат, мой Арбат, ты -- мое отечество,
никогда до конца не пройти тебя.

onsdag den 11. april 2012

The men I love ...

... from Jeanine in Canada :)
I have already had several cards with Ginsberg but this one is just perfect and ...

... that one is an absolute hit in my collection. The one and only Mikhail Bulgakov ! Standing ovation now ;)

Easter RAS from Sas :)

Hugs and kisses back :)

tirsdag den 10. april 2012

Batalegala Mountain ...

... known as the Bible Rock  sent by Jay Dew from Sri Lanka :)

Sigiriya Rock ...

... sent by Jay Dew from Sri Lanka :)

Sacred City of Kandy ...

... sent by Jay Dew from Sri Lanka :)

Golden Temple of Dambulla ...

...  sent by Jay Dew from Sri Lanka :)

UNESCO site of Polonnaruwa ...

...  sent by Jay Dew from Sri Lanka :)

Leopard at ...

...Yala National Park sent by Jay Dew from Sri Lanka :)

Kingdom of Dambadeniya from Yapahuwa ...

... sent by Jay dew from Sri Lanka :)

søndag den 8. april 2012

mandag den 2. april 2012

Almost Behemot !

Two almost exact copies of Behemot-the-Cat generously shared by Annemieke from the Netherlands :)